What We Do

We work with high-potential clients to help them navigate their specific ecommerce journey.

We offer our services either as consultancy packages or by joining your team as interim (fractional) Chief Digital Officer or Director of Ecommerce. This gives you executive experience without the full time cost or commitment of a long-term hire.

We provide 3 core services:

Ecommerce Strategy, OPERATIONS AND Conversion

You likely have a team in place but need to take things to the next level. We’ll help you put the correct people, processes and solutions in place for your ecommerce operations and we’ll use proven traffic and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques to build sustainable and realistic compound growth

  • Ecommerce Audit
  • Ecommerce Strategy & Marketing Channel Mix
  • Ecommerce Tracking, Analytics & Reporting
  • Conversion Research
  • A/B Test Creation
  • International Ecommerce Strategy
  • Team Maturity Audit, Training and Recruitment
  • Software, Tools & Workflow Audit and implementaton


You need to understand all aspects of your potential next ecommerce company acquisition. We’ll carry out in-depth research and interviews to get you the answers and insight you need before you make the deal.

  • Ecom Team Structure
  • Ecommerce Systems, Tech Stack & 3rd Parties
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Backend Website Audit
  • Frontend Website Audit
  • Current and Historic performance
  • Customers and First Party Data
  • Marketing Channel Strategy
  • Market and Competitors

Ecommerce WEBSITE BUILDS & RE-PlatformING

You’ve perhaps outgrown you current solution and are exploring changing platform or ecommerce agency. We offer over 18 years and 50+ platform migrations experience as well as independent advice to make sure you make the correct long term choice. We can then either manage the project for you or simply oversee that all the boxes are being ticked and no shortcuts made. We’ll ensure you’re setup for success.


Our Philosophy 

  • We only do ecommerce – pure, simple and intense – a bit like a good coffee.
  • We give honest, unbiased advice and help you wade through the marketing jargon and bullshit. We’ll help you ask the right questions and find the right answers.
  • We’ll help you build a plan and we’ll work with you to test, implement, iterate and grow.  
  • It’s important that:
    • We don’t do anything that’s not ecommerce. We like to focus.
    • We don’t up-sell all sorts of additional, below par services. If we can’t do something, we’ll assess what you really need and help you find the right partners.
    • We don’t talk rubbish. We don’t think it’s very helpful in the quest for profitable revenue growth.

We’ll act as your strategic partner for ecommerce. We’ll take a personal approach to ensure we understand your business and can define and deliver the essential actions you need for a profitable and scaleable ecommerce business model.


You can get in touch with our Founder and CEO, Chris McEldowney directly on our contact us page or via LinkedIn.