Who We Are

We are your strategic ecommerce solutions partner.

FWD is owned and run by Chris McEldowney, who brings over 18 years experience in building and running successful digital businesses, ecommerce teams and growth strategies. 

We provide c-level strategic ecommerce consulting and outsourced ecommerce director services.

Our expertise centres on end-to-end Ecommerce strategy Consulting, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Ecommerce Due Dilligence Reports and Ecommerce Re-Platforming consulting and project managment.

We work with you to drive your business FWD…


  • We’ve worked to develop successful ecommerce strategies and solutions with 40+ top performing UK & Ireland online businesses


  • Experienced leaders with over 18 years experience online. We know what actions to prioritise to make your ecommerce win.


  • We focus on profitable growth through intelligent decision making


We are the trusted independent advisors and partners of some of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the UK and Ireland.

Our goal is to provide independent, intelligent, honest and practical advice and strategic ecommerce solutions to companies taking their first or next steps in online selling.


Advice and guidance in smoke and mirrors world of online is far too often given with an ulterior motive.

At Flat White Digital we of course partner with various platforms, agencies and service providers but we are importantly not tied to any of them. Our mission is to establish trusted long-term relationships with good businesses and good people. 

Our core product is our knowledge, advice and our integrity, and this will always come first before any affiliated service.


We’ve the experience and knowledge to cut through the noise and focus on the right solutions for your business at this time. Ecommerce is not one size fits all. Broad principles do apply, but they must be applied intelligently to each and every individual use case.


Speaking of honesty – we’re not a massive company. Our team is very small, but very good. If you contact us, you’ll speak to Chris and he’ll give you an honest appraisal of if and where we can help.

If we think we can help you and we have the bandwidth to do so, we will. If there’s not a correct fit, we’ll tell you why and try to put you in touch with other good people.

Where we love a project and extra resource is required, we bring it that resource under our guidance and deliver.


Successful solutions and strategies rely on the availability of financial and human resources available to implement them. We take great care to ensure that any advice we give realistically fits in with your overall business plans, goals and resources.  We’ll plan out a practical, step-by-step ecommerce journey that will take you where you need to go.


Flat White Digital is an ecommerce and CRO agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland (great rates, great expertise, great beer).

You can get in touch with our Founder and CEO, Chris McEldowney directly on +447775509592, on our contact us page or reach out via LinkedIn.